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Our Silent Auction Software

If you are thinking of organising a charity event, our industry-leading auction software incorporates a wide array of features intended to make your blind auctions run that much smoother. Utilising the very best in auction software technology, our app takes away the stress involved in running a successful silent auction. In doing so, our app leaves you to get on with what really matters – raising money for a good cause.


Our charity auction software incorporates a wide variety of features designed to make your auctions run smoother. 

Our bidding app helps you to keep track of bids, offering bidding notifications such as email alerts and outbid notifications. After the auction has ended, winning bidders can make use of various payment methods, ensuring secure payment processing at all times. Our auction software also allows you to view item brochures, preset event themes and place a reserve on auction items. Incorporating a variety of exciting features, our auction app ensures that running a charity auction has never been easier.


Bidding notifications
Our bidding notifications help you keep track of every bid, enabling you to gain an overview of bidding activity.


Various payment methods
Our service offers a number of different payment methods to suit your needs. As such, it ensures your payment experience is as easy as the bidding process itself.


Email Alerts
Email alerts are another way of staying informed on auction progress, ensuring a smoother auction experience in the process.


Secure Payment Processing
Secure payment processing ensures that any payments relating to the auction are conducted in a safe and secure environment.


Our charity auction app enables guests to view items, giving them a better impression of what’s on offer.


Bid reserve
Want to put a reserve on a specific item? Our auction technology makes it easy for you to manage any potential auction reserves.


Pre-set event themes
If you are looking to create a branded theme for your event, our bidding software provides you with the tools you need to preset an event theme.


Address Finder
The CharityBID auction software features a useful Address Finder designed to make the billing- and delivery of charity auction items easier than ever.